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#marketing How To Handle A Management Shake-Up

In Marketing on 26 noviembre, 2016 at 18:05

Lately there’s been much chatter about Tata Group’s decision to oust their Charmain. It hasn’t been an easy one for the management and shareholders to pull through. More so, the management shake-up has been tough on the Group’s other stakeholders – its customers and employees.

When the top of the pyramid goes through turmoil it can result in unsettling times and situations for its employees who are left pondering on various questions and concerns. At times like these productivity reduces by a significant amount as people are less interested in getting the job done and are more concerned with “what this means” for them. And rightfully so. Management shake-ups could see multiple changes for employees. The company ideology, strategies, operating styles and even who you’ll be working with all are affected when such major changes at the top.

If you’re in such a situation you can’t help but wonder how it’ll impact your career with a company that you’ve given so much to and done so much for. Sometimes you even wonder if your job is on the line because of the changes you’ll be seeing at the management level. So what can you do?

1. Be Open To Change

There’s no doubting the fact that when there’s significant change in management the company will experience changes in its goals and culture. A company’s ideology, culture and strategy are very central to its leadership. So you can surely expect changes in these areas. What you can do is embrace them rather than resisting the changes you’ll experience. By showing the new leadership that you’re not only willing to accept their changes but also help facilitate and implement them you’ll do yourself the favor of adjusting and acclimatizing well under the new leadership style.

2. Present Solutions

Often a new leader is rained upon with problems from their team. The team highlights areas of concerns and the shortcomings of their predecessor. This really doesn’t help the new leader settle in and creates a huge challenge and pressure to set things right fast. Instead of piling on problems and point out what’s wrong, help the new leader navigate their way into the company with solutions. You could go the extra mile by prioritizing what’s important and support them in the implementation of these solutions. Basically, help them make decisions by providing ample solutions which are in the best interest of the company.

3. Be Their Strength

Resisting the change you’re going to experience may be your first instinct but it could end up being your career suicide. Since you can’t directly influence who’s going to lead you next, you could, however, provide them with the strength to be successful. A strong, successful leader is always backed by a strong, capable team. And that’s exactly what you should aspire to be in these shaky times. With your continued support and commitment to get work done smoothly and efficiently you can encourage the new leader to fit in with the team. So while the leader is working to figure things out, you’re making it easier for them to “gel in”.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative for you when there’s a management shake-up. In fact, it could very well be the catalyst your career needs to slingshot it further. Try and remain open-minded, optimistic and supportive and you may find that the new leader is someone you can work well with. The company may just benefit from this stir up, and so could you.

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