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In Marketing on 27 diciembre, 2016 at 15:35

Have you ever had a project that felt like it could crumble at any moment? The balance among your team members, priorities and tasks swayed back and forth; the slightest misalignment could crash the deliverable at any second.

The worst part of Jenga, the game with the wooden blocks stacked in rows of three, is picking up the wooden blocks and soundly re-stacking them after those pieces come crashing down. Now imagine picking up the pieces of a multi-million dollar project. Unimaginable, right?! Avoid these types of situations by utilizing proper project management skills and skill sets. Just like the game Jenga, project management is a combination of strategic, as well as tactical thinking, balance and proper resource placement for efficient project execution.

A successful project manager should inherit the same characteristics of a true Jenga Champion – high efficiency and organized thought processes. You must never rush your moves. All work must be strategically thought through before taking any action. This concept stays true for any kind of project. The project must be scoped before any work can be completed. If the project manager and team are not aligned with the scope and deliverables it becomes an unbalanced nightmare that could fail at any moment. The same applies to Jenga. When one does not think about the next move and recklessly removes pieces without an organized thought process the entire tower could and will eventually shatter into a tiny disaster. To be successful an individual must learn to think quickly yet effectively and efficiently. Move swiftly with grace and maintain a steady balance of tactical and strategic thinking. How well are you managing your projects? I have listed a few tips that I believe will make your life a little easier and make you more productive as a project manager.

Improve Efficiency

  • List out your tasks and work on related items together: By creating a list of tasks that need to be completed it enables you to prioritize them and group related items together.
  • Take personal time for yourself: If you try to give yourself a dedicated lunch break or 30 minutes to read a book you will truly feel better throughout your day. That back-to-back hustle needs to be broken up and we need to give ourselves time for our mind to unwind.

Benefits To Being More Organized

  • Heightened Awareness: It’s a simple fact that when you are well organized you are more likely to be aware of the status of your project and confident in the delivery of the most critical tasks.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: When you are organized, things run smoother at the end of the day and your client is happy. This will also give you a stronger sense of accomplishment which can be a very high motivator.

Make sure your next project is managed with less stress and less chance of having it all come crashing to the ground. Take to heart becoming a Jenga Project Manager Master and you projects, your clients and your day will all be a success!

JENGA® is a registered trademark owned by Pokonobe Associates.

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