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#marketing Meet Business Challenges With Modern IT

In Marketing on 11 enero, 2017 at 6:25

Progressive SMBs that invest more in IT are more likely to forecast revenue increases, according to analyst firm the SMB Group. How exactly are the most successful small businesses outpacing the competition? They’re adopting strategies that include improving cybersecurity and upgrading technology customized for their business goals and industry.

Affordable, cloud-based systems that streamline business processes and provide continuous access to apps and data are key to saving time and money. While larger companies may choose to develop line of business apps in-house, smaller organizations needn’t wait to turbocharge their business processes. In multiple market verticals, independent software vendors (ISVs) with deep industry experience are working closely with Microsoft to create a portfolio of business apps appropriate for any size business or budget.

Harness the cloud with business apps

Software based on Office 365 provides SMBs with a host of advantages, including ease of implementation with minimal upfront investment, the latest productivity tools, on-demand access to data, and collaboration across virtually any geography. Built-in privacy, transparency, and user controls also strengthen security and compliance.

For example, in the legal industry, missed deadlines are the leading cause of malpractice claims, so reducing that exposure is critical. However, each court has different procedures, and manually looking up rules and calculating deadlines is time-consuming and increases the chance for error. Purpose built software such as LawToolBox365—an add-in for Office 365 that automatically calculates state and federal court deadlines according to each court’s rules—helps legal professionals manage deadlines straight from their Outlook inbox. Attorneys then have more time to focus on the details that win cases, and law firms are better protected from litigation. It’s hard to argue with that ROI.

What do you want to do?

Businesses of virtually any size can take advantage of enterprise-grade applications without spending a fortune on servers, storage, or other infrastructure investments. With the ISV Showcase, you can discover new ways to boost your business with cloud solutions powered by Office 365 and Microsoft Azure – our world class public cloud platform. Or consider expanding your potential by moving your existing mission-critical business applications to the cloud.

Whether you want to safeguard your data, optimize business processes, or empower a mobile workforce, there’s a solution that’s right for you. For more info on finding the right technology for your unique business concerns, download the Boost Your Business with New Technology eGuide.

Take the next step

In addition to the ISV Showcase, with Microsoft AppSource, you can find tailored apps across a variety of industries that work with the solutions you already use. Once you’ve identified the right ISV solution for your business, a local cloud solution provider can help you take the next step towards outpacing the competition.

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