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#marketing How to Stay Motivated and Make It Count in 2017

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It’s quite simple; some of us are always motivated and others require constant reminders – that simple. If you weren’t born that way… well, you’re screwed.

Just kidding.

There are two types of motivations out there: External and Internal.

Internal Motivation: is the one you need in order to get you to get up and start your day off with massive momentum every day for 365 days straight.

External Motivation: is what you get that gives you these small bursts of energy to help you push harder.

The reason that some of you don’t get motivated enough to be consistent is typically because you rely heavily on external motivation rather than internal motivation.

What Is External Motivation?

Anything that stimulates your mind. Music, movies to images that are translated in your mind to vision are considered external motivators. If you look on my Instagram, I use these things to give you boosts of energy, but they are not enough to get you to jump out of bed.

The idea of purpose drives internal motivation – rather than stimulation – and often is engaged in you when you feel needed for something, or when you think that the work you are doing is impactful and/or important. This is also why people who hate their jobs typically are not motivated to do a good job. When you find a sense of purpose, you find that “ticker” or “reason” to get out of bed early and stay up late. It’s belief that keeps you going.

Part of the reason I originally wrote my bestselling book Third Circle Theory, was because I wanted more people to have a sense of purpose – helping them ultimately reach a level of drive, the level needed to get you from point A to point Z. I need you, as future Entrepreneurs, to understand that while you can bypass all this mumbo jumbo about purpose, fulfillment, motivation, and belief, and go straight to the action because it seems more engaging.

It is also the reason most people fail and give up earlier than later. It’s the preparation that helps you stay the course, because you build a strong foundation for yourself – rather than assume that you are different than all of us other human beings. You must do the work and you must put in the effort if you plan to get to that next level.

In 2017, don’t focus so much on what you want to accomplish rather than the activities that will actually get you there. If you want to start a business, don’t make goals around the dollar figure you need to make or what financial freedom looks like. Instead, focus on the structure you need to set up, the people to hire and the paperwork to file. Focus on the activities that will move you forward.

If you wish to lose weight, don’t make resolutions or goals around the amount of weight you want to lose, but instead around the habits of how often you will go the gym. This way you can hold yourself accountable to the activities rather than the results – which are the byproduct of those activities.

The goal this year into get yourself exposed to many activities that are going to help you succeed in your overall goals and, in return, help you to gain the confidence to eventually focus on goals that are driven by results. Those who reach such goals are those who are internally motivated. External motivation isn’t enough to get to you the results – it’s enough to keep you going. The key is to focus on activities until you ignite your internal motivations and then push yourself to the edge of discomfort thus breaking all your goals.

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