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#marketing Productivity is Automated Access

In Marketing on 13 enero, 2017 at 18:52

No more paper. How many times have you told yourself that as your company’s leader, the deluge of the wood-based fibrous material must be stopped? The problem is that you depend on paper to run your business! Go ahead, count the how many processes your organization performs that are not only manual, but paper driven? Even in the current age of information I’m sure there are several things that require tedious or bottlenecked hands-on assistance. Studies and personal experience show that inefficient processes hinder employee morale and curb their enthusiasm.

Your employees become discouraged when they must wade through paper and over-burdened technology. Empower your employees by implementing newer, automated technologies. Allow your employees to be more productive, and empower them to take charge of projects and resolve their own issues, technical or otherwise with workflow management solutions. This gives employees the ability to access a portal where they can request changes, request access rights or request additional resources to do their jobs. Such requests are then automatically routed to the correct person or department manager, who can then decide to approve, deny or review the request further. If follow up is needed, such a request can then be routed to the appropriate person, party or department for review. This strategy also creates an additional layer of organization security.

After the request is approved, each of the requested change is made and is automatically carried out. While it is obvious that this process is efficient, there are other benefits, including ensuring security; improved employee management; and reducing request headaches.

Empowers Employees

The easier it is for employees do their jobs, the more they produce. This is an obvious point, use your own experience for as an example. Have you ever worked on a project that you were excited to start? You’re assigned the project lead and want to take charge as a way to prove you have what it takes to lead a successful project from beginning to fruition. Then you realize you need access to a few databases and applications. Ultimately, you’ll need to contact several different people in various departments to get the access you need. You may need to wait around for it to be approved and have to follow up to make sure it is being processed. This puts you behind and you begin to feel less motivated and excited about the project.

Here’s where a workflow system allows employees to make a request and receive the access or whatever they need to complete a project. Allowing employees to complete the request themselves also empowers them to proactively work on projects and fix their issues. They no longer need to sit and wait around not knowing how long it is going to take for the change to be made.

Allow Managers to Not Deal with the Request Headache

Managers as well feel the stress of this process. They need to answer the emails for requests and make sure they answer the appropriate person with the information needed to create the account or get the resource for the employee. The employee often also needs to check up on the request, and track down the manager to get an update on the progress.

Workflow allows the employee to easily see the progress of their request and will be notified once it is either accepted or rejected.

Ensure Security Easily

Workflow solutions improve organizational efficiency, but also can increase security. For example, tracking information for audits is time consuming and tedious, but the process ensures that the correct person is giving permission to the correct resource. These requests are then tracked and can be used for an audit or to track who has access to what; even if the manager denies the request, the process is logged.

These are some of the most productive workflow solutions that organizations can easily employ to allow their employees to be proactive, motivated and extremely efficient.

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