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#marketing 6 Keys to Improving Your Team’s Customer Service Skills

In Marketing on 14 febrero, 2017 at 19:42

If your product is very well known to your customers, then also you cannot generate much leads without having the great customer service. And, you will be unaware about the fact about the changes happening in the outer world. In today’s world, people don’t remember your product but they remember the one on one interaction with the company. So, if you would like to be in touch with your audience then you must have the good customer service skills. As, customer service is the face of your company, and the customer experience is going to decide the future of your company. So, here are the some ways to improve your customer service skills:

Customer service skills should be strengthened

Firstly, your customer service team has the right skills to manage your customers. As, no CRM software’s is going to help you out in this area. But, what are the skills you are looking out for in your customer service team?

  • Adaptability: In this world, every person’s nature differs from other. So, your team should be well versed with the customer’s mood and they should adapt the situation. They should be ready for the surprises as every customer’s mood is different.
  • Work ethic: Customers appreciate the time you spend with them while solving their problem thoroughly. But, you should have good customer management skills. You should not hang up with one customer but also manage your goals with the right balance.
  • Patience: You will find various types of customers with different mood swings. Some will be irritating, some will be chatting. But, you should provide good service at the same time you must handle them properly.
  • Proper communication: You should have proper communication with your customers. Your customer should get the proper view of the product and the proper view of the discounts you are offering. At the same time, you should not end up the call on the bad note and until the customer is satisfied.
  • Thick Skin: Doesn’t matter what you say but always believe that customer is right. You should swallow that pride of accepting the negative feedback as customer is always right. Now, whether your team is working on the social media or direct interaction, customer should be happy.
  • Knowledge: You should be updated about the information of your product, as you don’t know what enquiries are about to come from other end. Also, you should be ready to say I don’t know if the question is too detailed or technical in nature. As, customer will like the honesty.

Improve the interactions with the customers

If your team has the necessary skills, then also you have to look out for the proper customer interactions.

  • Active listening is important to make your customers heard: You must practice of rephrasing the customer’s mood and relate with their feelings. Try to emphasize and rephrase with the things what customer shared the feeling with you.
  • Good follow-up is always recommended: You must solve stay fixed if the issue of your customer is solved. Send them e-mails, and survey emails so that they should feel that you are still on their side to help them out.
  • Be ready to admit your mistakes: You know about the mistakes way before you customers say you, but be ready to admit it. This will build the same amount of authority between you and your customers and you can solve the issue easily.
  • Always asks reps to share the common ground: This type of understanding between you and your customers will help you to solve the conflicts and brings the good reps back to your team and company.

Proactive customer service strategy

You must be ready with the solution before the customers come to you with their problems.

  • Be available: You should be always in the personal touch with your customers. Rather discussing the solution with them online, you can meet them personally or you can call them for the farther people. According to the different time zones, you can work early or late. You can also share the physical address to remind your customers that your company exists off the internet.
  • Cater to your customers: Make good and healthy relationships with your customers. Offer them VIP treatments in order to get good reps from them.
  • Communities: You can bring your customers all under one roof to solve the problem. Like, you can make interacting webinars, social medias, and through forums. So, that they can find you anywhere and they should be satisfied.
  • Get personal: Rather sending those automated emails, and robot calls. Offer them more from these, and get personal with your customers. Offer solutions to them through social medias so that they can remind your company.

Have a clear view at all touch points

You should not have the bad experience in managing your customers as it can hurt your business. If the demonstration is delivered consistently, then make sure they are delivered consistently to them. You should have the full view of your customer experience, in order to have the good relationship.

Engagement of your reps must be welcomes:

If your team has good skills and practices, but also you should have satisfied employees in your team. If your employees are not satisfied then most likely they will turn up with their problems and ultimately, they will end up with the conflicts with your customers.

Give the way to the customers to provide you feedback

No matter whether you have good customer service team and you are following the proactive customer handling strategies. If you don’t know, what your customer needs, then all these will become waste. You should always welcome your customers with the necessary feedbacks. Like, end phone call with the survey, or welcome them to the Contact us page of your website.

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