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#marketing How to Plan a Successful Conference

In Marketing on 15 marzo, 2017 at 23:40

If you’re planning a conference for your industry or niche, the first thing you need to know is that many of the people you invite go to several conferences over the course of the year—and as such, they have certain expectations for how a good conference should be run.

You obviously want to make sure that your conference is memorable for all the right reasons—but how? Let me offer a few tips of the trade that any conference planner needs to know.

Make Your Conference Memorable

In the weeks leading up to your conference, keep people informed. Email and social media are great tools for keeping participants in the loop with regard to new speakers, events, booths, presentations, etc. Keep people excited and engaged through regular contact!

Live stream your conference. Well, maybe not every second of it—but live streaming the main presentations can be a great way to build buzz and generate excitement. And there are so many live streaming options available now, from Periscope to Facebook Live.

Ensure an actionable theme. Every conference needs to have a unifying theme, and it’s vital that your theme immediately convey value. Make it clear from the get-go that those who attend will go home not just with facts and figures, but with practical information they can implement immediately.

Allow for networking. Conferences aren’t just about the presentations; they’re also a great opportunity to connect with other people from your industry. Make sure you allow some time to facilitate networking.

Make sure you have an excellent speaker. This is what people will remember the most—the quality of your speaker. Do your due diligence in finding the person who best fits the needs of your audience.

Don’t make it too stuffy. Having hundreds of people crammed into a lecture hall for hours on end is not only boring, but it’s old-fashioned. Bring some looseness to your conference structure with more breakout events, smaller workshops, etc.

Your conference can be a memorable one—and these tips will help you make it so.

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