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#marketing Combat Negativity

In Marketing on 20 abril, 2017 at 22:58

Negativity – I don’t like talking about this topic. There is way too much of it in today’s world.Just watch the news locally or nationally, and the focus is always on the “negative story.”


.Just look at the news locally or nationally, and the focus is always on the “negative story.” Go on social media and someone is complaining about something or posting something negative or controversial.

I think people love to gravitate toward the negative because it is what the majority of people talk about these days. The issue for companies is that negativity can really be draining and a lot of lost production time.

Here are some ways I am dealing with negativity.

Start with the Basics – Get a Handle on the issue

The most negativity in a company comes from a select few who feel they are losing control or purpose. Watch for the signs and try to find the root cause if possible.

Most negative comments are spoken comments. These type of comments do not hold much weight over time.

Any negative comments in written form, notes, emails, letters need to be taken seriously and addressed.

Make notes of people who are consistently negative. People have bad days from time to time. If the negative behavior persists for more than a week, pay close attention to that person and watch their performance.

Take the Next Step – Become more Proactive

Take back the Reigns and Create More Excitement

Recognize People More

Be More Available and Present for your workers

Take an Interest in People’s Lives

Create an open atmosphere

Other Actions May Be Necessary

Get rid of the negative element sooner rather than later.

See if the issue can be resolved through a purchase, changing a process or more planning


Develop your own method that works for you. Nothing here is new. It is really up to each leader and manager to find a way to create an exceptional environment. I wrote these notes so that it may give all of you a look at how I am dealing with this issue. It can be a real problem if you don’t address it. The good news is that it is possible to manage.

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