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#marketing Give your Business an Edge – Use Mentors

In Marketing on 21 abril, 2017 at 14:38

A business regardless of size can only flourish if its workforce is switched on and engaged. This is especially true of newer ventures that need to become established quickly and thereby increase growth to make a business more sustainable.

The system that more and more businesses are turning to is the mentoring system. This allows a business to invest in its employees and reap the benefits of increased production through better staff morale and engagement.

This was recently explored by Anthony K. TJan, who wrote “Company leadership should embrace, promote and value mentoring programs to realize a return on investment,” in an article for the Harvard Business Review.

So how does a mentoring system work?

Employees that are felt to show promise are assigned a mentor, an experienced member of staff that can provide day to day, one on one training and guidance. They are not just a teacher; they are also there to support the employee. This provides a platform for the employee to express ideas and concerns and indeed have a confidential ear when needed.

So how does a business gain an advantage through mentoring systems?

With a good mentoring system in place, businesses tend to gain the following:

Better staff morale and engagement. Rather than staff doing their jobs and going home to forget about work they will take more interest in the business, be more willing to accept challenges, and suggest ideas.

Increased productivity and agility. With better morale and engagement productivity increases and each day becomes more valuable to the business. As times change and your business needs to adapt, a better switched on workforce can make necessary transitions easier, and they will be more adept to adjusting to serving new markets.

Business sustainability and growth. Mentoring grooms and develops your next series of leaders. This is very important to business survival and growth. Better, well managed businesses tend to survive even through poor economic times, while good leadership inspires others and gives purpose to a business and its employees.

Better integrated staff and lower costs. The mentor system is arguably better than paying out for course after course to develop your staff, as it provides a feeling of family. Staff who are mentored feel they are part of something, while mentors themselves feel they are passing on knowledge they have earned over the years.

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