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#marketing 4 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Top Talent Go

In Marketing on 6 junio, 2017 at 16:39

Letting your top talent go, once in awhile, is really the right move. At first this may sound absolutely absurd but there’s solid evidence to the fact that it really isn’t all that bad. Sure companies work endlessly to develop robust retention programs. Managers engage their team to ensure they’re motivated, challenged and hooked to the company’s cause. Even leaders allocate valuable time to mentor their highly talented individuals. So why would I say it’s a good to let your top talent go?

Acquiring top talent isn’t easy. It requires elaborate employer branding campaigns, a corporate image that speaks volumes about your culture and a cohesive team spirit. So how is it the right move to let your rock star performers go? Here are a few reasons that may help you consider this route:


Complacency is one of the biggest killers of innovation and growth. Sadly, when a team works together for too long complacency slowly creeps in. Sure, you may have a challenging job and a world of issues to resolve that’ll keep you on your toes, but eventually working for the same boss and with the same team members can hold you and the company back. Hence, letting go of certain individuals from your team (even the top talent) can give your team that much needed cleansing.

Jolted Performance

Similarly, it can be a wakeup call for those that remain in your team. Witnessing a star performer, someone who’s been so close to the boss, exit can give the team the jolt they need to get their act together. You may not hear it, but they’re likely thinking “hey if the best of us can be let go of, what chance do we have?” That’s just the right amount of stimulus you need in your team to boost their performance.

Reputation to Succeed

Top bosses like Michael Miles of Kraft and Larry Ellison of Oracle encourage their leaders to let top talent go. Those that have been ousted in such a manner have bounced back to kick start their own businesses and have seen much success. So basically, Oracle and Kraft have developed a reputation of “developing” individuals into successful entrepreneurs. With such a reputation attracting newer talented individuals becomes all the more easier. Who wouldn’t want to be groomed for future successes!

New Talent

Sometimes the only thing holding a team or company back from future success is its top talent. And that’s why letting go of your top talent could result in a talent hunt that’ll provide your company the necessary catalyst for innovation. Call it the “fresh pair of eyes” approach, but by bring in new talent you could provide your team and company that much needed freshness that’ll propel their growth.

While I’ve presented a few good reasons to let your top talent go (you may want to also check out these other reasons), be cautious when actually implementing the strategy. The last thing you need is a disruption within your team or company that can negatively impact your brand and performance. Time it well, think it through and go for it with all the right intentions.

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