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#marketing Importance of Good CSR For Any Sized Business

In Marketing on 9 junio, 2017 at 2:04

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My company is only small but we understand the importance of being an ethical company by making sure we interact and volunteer where possibly to help the local community. Being part of the Chamber of Commerce has meant that at least 3 to 4 hours a month minimum I am engaging with other businesses to help them grow as well as lobbying for local issues to be resolved. Many businesses only think of the bottom line.

The Triple Bottom Line

  • People
  • Planet
  • Profit

No this isn’t out of party manifesto but these three things give a good introduction about what CSR is, and why businesses should embrace a strong CSR policy like The Central England Co-operative in which Hannah Gallimore has worked hard to improve their score from 2.5 Stars to 4.5 Stars in the BITC CR Index.


Your staff are your people, they live and breathe your brand and are the pulse of your business. Having a good CSR process in place will help improve your staff moral, your image and your staff retention.

Often some of the most talented people get left behind but not being empowered. However you should look at your staff and look to see how you can empower them. For example Mentoring a intern or work experience placement, let the younger or non senior staff lead by example. You can ask them to be business champions give people the opportunity to shine and if possible pay for them to have training possibly in subject which can help them develop rather than thinking how it can benefit the company. Doing this will make your staff loyal, they will talk about it and give you an opportunity to talk openly about staff in the press which can give you strong brand recognition.


This comes down to your ethics as an organization. Making sure you have strong environmental practices. This goes more than having ISO certificates it’s about making sure that you work with both your clients, suppliers and the local community in a well thought out and ethical way. A good example of this is that you may have 2 logistics companies one with a green fleet and one with no such a green fleet. The green fleet is a little bit more expensive. However, if you can turn round in the press and say we’ve taken a stop to reduce our carbon footprint this is a massive step. Another good social environmental practice is to have a clear policy on paying your suppliers on time and tell your suppliers when they’re going to pay on time. It was mentioned in the UK press during the campaign for the 2017 elections that £26 Billion pounds are owed in late payments. However, if everyone paid within 30 days, this will stop an estimated 50,000 business from going under and also help the local economies, as business will not have to live of feast and famine. Paying on time is a massive part of corporate responsibility, particularly as it will let smaller businesses grow.


No not the accounting version. The large investment in training and allowing staff to volunteer would make most financial directors cringe as they can’t see the benefits. However from a branding perspective and a recruitment side of things is that you will possibly profit more from less time off with unmotivated staff taking days off, easier to recruit has your existing staff will be talking about how good a company your business is to work with. Your suppliers will also recommend working with you as your prompt employer and more importantly, you will bring ethical values back to the local community. All of this in time will bring back a return investment which will help your company grow.

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