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#marketing Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Sense of Purpose

In Marketing on 16 junio, 2017 at 18:07

Too often, we hear stories of depressed billionaires, suicidal pop stars, and burned out CEOs. All of which beg the question: how can someone be so successful yet so unhappy?

Society is to blame for this. We live in a world that glorifies the rich and famous, that prizes wealth over wisdom, fame over fulfillment, and power over purpose. Jobs says we have it all wrong. In order to live meaningfully, one must pursue matters unrelated to wealth, which bring us fulfillment beyond material things. This is not to say that money and power are bad things. However, when we place those before our sense of purpose, we often find ourselves lost and unhappy.

For entrepreneurs, the key to true fulfillment is purpose: that what you’re doing creates value. It is knowing that your work matters, not only for you but for others as well.

Successful entrepreneurs like Peter Loftin make their living by building businesses that serve people. They understand that true fulfillment comes only when you make life better for others around you. While they do enjoy financial success, what truly drives them isn’t wealth or power, but passion and sense of purpose.

Here are some reasons all entrepreneurs need to develop a sense of purpose:

  1. Life is short

People devote too much of themselves on things that don’t matter only to regret it later in life. Find what gives you purpose and do it. Life goes by quickly; don’t waste it.

  1. Personal fulfillment

People struggle doing things they hate; you should, at the very least, struggle doing something you love. That way, you won’t regret anything, no matter the outcome.

If you love writing, go write; if you enjoy teaching, go mentor someone. There are no limits in pursuing your passions. More often than not, you can make a good living doing what you love. And what’s more fulfilling than that?

  1. Opportunity to give back

Many entrepreneurs also take pride in giving back to others. Whether through charity or mentorship, Loftin makes it a point to pay his success forward.

Working with purpose puts you in position to give back, especially to those who most need it. Rather than chase fame and wealth, look for ways to make others’ lives better. Studies show that altruism can actually help you as well. That’s a win-win if there ever was one!

True success means having a sense of purpose. It is knowing that the work you do today matters. Instead of focusing on making money and gaining popularity, focus on what drives you. The rest will follow.

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