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#marketing Make Your Display ROI Soar: 5 Helpful Ways to Use Phone Calls

In Marketing on 19 junio, 2017 at 22:14

As spending on display advertising skyrockets, marketers face tremendous pressure to prove and optimize their return on investment (ROI). Yet more and more are finding the secret weapon to success: the phone call.

The low ROI marketers perceive with their display advertising is often tied to challenges with attribution and targeting. They rank it last for response rate and CPA:

Display Advertising

However, only 35% of companies incorporate offline touch points (such as phone calls) into their attribution models. This won’t sustain for marketers as calls to US businesses from mobile display ads continue to grow:

Display Advertising

Fortunately, there are 5 steps marketers can take to make display ROI soar.

1. Connect Every Phone Call

Make it soar: Connect every phone call conversion from every channel – including display – to the marketing source that drove it.

As consumers continue to view display ads on their smartphones, and convert by calling, digital marketers need to be armed with the right information. Using call attribution technology works for both programmatic and non-programmatic campaigns, whether a consumer calls from your click-to-call ad, from your website, or later from a different channel.

2. Get Credit for Every Conversion

Make it soar: Get credit for every online and call conversion influenced by display ad views, even if they convert via a different channel.

Just like you track clicks and customer calls from paid search, email, social, and other digital marketing, you can do the same for your display advertising. But often times conversions influenced by display do not occur when a lead sees the ad, but later through a different channel. Call attribution technology can capture this information when a consumer calls your business.

3. Activate Attribution Data

Make it soar: Activate attribution data on call conversions in DMPs, DSPs, CRMs, and other tools in your marketing stack.

Your complete data, both online and offline combined, will become the foundation for all future optimizations. And integrating it with your existing marketing platforms will only make the entire process more efficient. Optimize for the entire customer journey, not just the online piece, by integrating call data with the tools in your marketing stack.

4. Leverage Caller Data

Make it soar: Leverage caller data in your ad targeting to find and convert audiences likely to call.

If a customer has called your business before from display or any marketing channel, use that as criteria to target your ads by integrating call data in your DMP and DSPs. If you know which audience has a higher likelihood of calling you, you can directly target your ads to them.

5. Optimize for Valuable Conversions

Make it soar: Optimize for what’s driving the most valuable conversions at the best CPL, whether online or by phone.

No digital marketer wants to waste ad budget. But that’s exactly what bad optimization and targeting can do if you’re looking to drive more calls from display. For example, don’t waste marketing dollars driving calls from current customers who might be calling for support.

Display advertising’s booming growth leaves much room for marketers to improve their strategy. A critical part of this needs to be phone calls. Learn more about display trends in this infographic, or check out more ways to improve your display advertising with phone calls in our eBook, The Click-to-Call Playbook for Display Advertising.

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