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#marketing Seeing is Believing: Clarity Within the Workplace

In Marketing on 12 julio, 2017 at 22:04

Clarity doesn’t mean knowing exactly what you’re doing all the time; it means knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing. This is both important within your professional life, whether you are a business owner or company employee, and in your personal life. Having clarity can not only help you stay focused, but it can help remind you of what’s important as well as what is driving you to keep working hard.

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How Clarity Affects the Workplace

Company Clarity
There should be no ambiguity about your company’s missions, goals, and values. In fact, not having a mission statement is nearly as bad as having a poor mission statement. Be clear and transparent about your company’s goals; working with or having employees who think there might be a hidden company agenda will lead to drama and tension. Tell the truth about what your company is committed to, and make sure your mission statement clearly and concisely details how you expect your employees to help you get there. Having a core values will also help you and your employees know when you or they are getting off track and provide a framework for fixing the cause of the detour.

Employee Clarity
You want your employees to know exactly what it is you expect from them so they can appropriately deliver, otherwise you are setting them up for failure. On a similar note, as much as you want to ensure their roles within the organization are clear, you want them to know what their roles are in terms of each other too. Role clarity will assist with employee accountability as well as organizational transparency. It will help employees better collaborate and communicate with each other and lead to stronger, more proactive teams. Afterall, if everyone is clear as to what their roles are, both on a larger company scale and on a project-to-project basis, they can better know what they will need to do to meet demands and fulfil task and company goals.

Personal Clarity
Perhaps the most important, having personal clarity about why you are doing what you do will not only help you keep a clear head on the long, tough days but can also lead to keeping the big picture in mind. Rather than getting caught up in the small day-to-day tasks or issues, personal clarity will remind you of your purpose (or your company’s if you are the owner), maintain your workflow’s structure, and help you accurately measure what you are doing well versus the thing you may need to work on or improve upon.

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