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#marketing 3 Areas to Prep for Common Behavioral Interview Questions

In Marketing on 17 julio, 2017 at 22:35

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Hiring managers frequently use behavioral interview questions to evaluate soft skills in potential candidates – important traits such as leadership, teamwork and adaptability. However, these questions aren’t always easy to answer, so before you start your job search read on for some helpful tips to ensure you’re prepared for the next interview.

More than 60% of hiring managers say that soft skills are critical but tough to find in professionals, and in a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, hiring managers ranked adaptability, culture fit and collaboration as the three most important soft skills they look for in candidates.

Strive to address these three areas in your next interview:

  1. Flex and Bend: Adaptability is critical to hiring managers. Be prepared to share a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before, when you pushed outside your comfort zone, or when you were forced to learn a new skill or shift course quickly.
    • Tip: When you respond to the interviewer, have a couple of anecdotes that show how you are flexible in the workplace. Think about situations in which you went beyond your job description, figured out a new way to get things done, or learned from your mistakes.
  1. Be a culture fit: Not surprisingly, meshing with a company’s culture is key for employee happiness and morale. Assessing your values and looking for alignment is what the hiring manager is going to care about. Hiring managers will pose questions designed to assess whether you’d be a great addition to the company’s culture. For example, he or she might ask what is important to you at work or what keeps you satisfied in a job.
    • Tip: Highlight the core values that overlap with your potential employer’s. For example, if a key value is being daring and trying new ways of executing something, share an example in either your personal or professional life that proves you’re comfortable taking intelligent risks.
  1. Collaboration and a role model for teamwork: Almost every job involves teamwork, so hiring managers are going to want to see how you work alongside others. In today’s workplaces, even in technical roles, employers focus on how employees get things done as a member of either a cross-functional or departmental team. Hiring managers will listen closely to identify how you discuss times of success and how you worked with others to achieve success.
    • Tip: Give an example of when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with, and how you effectively dealt with conflict. Share a positive experience where you worked with your team to collectively achieve success.

Soft skills are the most in-demand skills, so don’t be blindsided when asked these top behavioral questions. Simply put: show you’re flexible, be a model of the company culture and remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

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