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#marketing comScore le quita la capa de la invisibilidad a la publicidad online (a sus métricas al menos)

In Marketing on 27 abril, 2017 at 13:57

La visibilidad de la publicidad online es uno de los grandes caballos de batalla de industria publicitaria. Y es que a los anuncios online les gusta deambular por internet con la capa de la invisibilidad sobre los hombros.

Por esta razón, y consciente de la necesidad de medir de manera precisa la visibilidad (o invisibilidad) de la publicidad online, comScore contará próximamente con una herramienta gratuita destinada a tal efecto.

La herramienta “Viewability” de comScore estará disponible a partir de este verano a nivel internacional en modo “autoservicio” y suministrará informes básicos que se entregarán en una interfaz completamente remozada, según recoge Dirmcomfidencial.

Utilizando esta herramienta, quienes así lo deseen podrán medir los índices de visibilidad en inventarios display y de vídeo (y tanto en dispositivos desktop como en dispositivos móviles).

Haciendo más accesible esta herramienta, comScore quiere aumentar la transparencia de la publicidad online, mejorar la comparativa de rendimiento entre medios y generar confianza en el sector.

Al tratarse de una herramienta gratuita, los diferentes “players” de la publicidad digital podrán echar mano de ella y poner el foco en indicadores igualmente importantes (más allá de la visibilidad) como el recuerdo de marca, la intención de compra o las ventas.

“La medición de la visibilidad es a día de hoy imprescindible, pero en los últimos meses ha centralizado los debates de la industria a expensas de otros indicadores que también son muy importantes”, señala Dan Hess, vicepresidente ejecutivo de Producto de comScore.

En este sentido, “creemos que es el momento de hacer de la visibilidad un indicador por defecto de la publicidad digital y avanzar hacia un terreno de medición publicitaria que tenga en cuenta otros indicadores muy significativos en todas las plataformas”, añade Hess.

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#marketing How to Get the Best Virtual Assistant Services for the Best Price

In Marketing on 27 abril, 2017 at 13:37

“An assistant should be your number-one most important hire because they are freeing up your time…”

Brandon Turner, Real Estate Investor and VP of Growth at

In today’s business world, there are many options when it comes to leveraging a virtual executive assistant. Many virtual assistant companies claim to provide the best, most updated and techie services on the market. They promise to take dozens of items off an executive’s or business owner’s plate to free up their time for more revenue generating opportunities.

But, is this really the case?

How do you know you aren’t overpaying, or worse…not getting what you’re paying for?

Here’s how to figure out if you’re getting the best value for a fair price

1. Start with your need

You’re looking for the best virtual assistant services, but what do you need a virtual executive assistant to do for you? We’ve created a very thorough How to Find the Right Virtual Executive Assistant infographic (decision tree) to help you navigate to the right company and service.

2. Decide what your need is worth

For an executive or business owner, the most conclusive way to go about this is to consider the costs of hiring an employee, which often deter businesses from hiring someone in-house despite increased business growth. That’s because the business must pony up the hard costs for advertising, screening, interviewing, hiring, training, benefits, taxes, IT infrastructure and support, facility costs, a work computer, and more while also absorbing intangible costs such as reduced productivity and lost opportunity.

Generally, when you hire a virtual assistant, your costs will only be 50-75% of what it takes to hire an in-house employee.

The best virtual assistant companies will cover the costs associated with hiring, so you save both money and risk.

3. Don’t buy into the hourly rate lingo

Nearly all virtual assistant services out there charge by the hour. This can be extremely confusing, since it’s difficult to compare one company that charges $6.98 an hour (e.g. Tasks Everyday) with another that charges around $28 to $33 an hour (e.g. Zirtual). Even if you’re willing to pay the highest hourly price, you aren’t guaranteed reliable service — considering what happened with Zirtual.

Confusing. Difficult. Time consuming.

The hourly pricing leaves you with the responsibility for managing your usage and assessing the value of each hour. Who needs that hassle?!

4. Pay a flat rate for a dedicated, managed assistant

Marketplaces provide a space for people to connect. Beyond that, you must do everything from searching and interviewing to onboarding and managing. At their best, Elance and ODesk are great examples of virtual executive assistant marketplaces that can work to the advantage of consumers.

A few dollars an hour may buy you help with setting up a restaurant reservation or trolling for a good buy on Craigslist, but if you’re truly busy why would you even consider putting this amount of extra work on your plate? It certainly won’t save you time, which means you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table just to nickle and dime yourself.

Managed service providers are the best choice for intricate, relationship-based virtual executive assistant services that require an intimacy of knowledge and trust, which are in direct opposition to the anonymity of a marketplace.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur Magazine.png

A flat rate will go farthest for those busy professionals who simply don’t have time to slow way down to figure out what they can meaningfully delegate. Managed services like Prialto are passionate about helping members (e.g. clients) who know that the cost-effective flat rate is well worth the time we save them, which translates to new revenue generation and a much needed work-life balance.

You aren’t getting the most for your money when you’re charged extra for every process, project, and/or task that you’d like to delegate. You shouldn’t be charged extra by virtual assistant companies to customize processes for you. Period. Neither should you be pigeonholed into using systems that don’t serve your specific company’s needs.

A flat rate should provide a consistent quality of service, back-up assistance, well defined best practices, and customized processes.

5. proof is powerful – reviews tell all

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Prialto for nearly two years now. Sales are up, pipelines are full, and follow ups are well managed. It’s worked so well, that we’re actively looking at ways to grow our Prialto relationship company wide.”

Ed Casey, Vice President, Global Payments, AscendantFX Capital Inc.

The best virtual assistant companies will provide a fast-paced executive with the following for a flat rate:

  • An all inclusive onboarding process with a foundational executive workflow offloading period along with personalized manuals that are constantly updated by your support team as a quick reference guide to let you know what’s initiated, ongoing, pending, and completed.
  • A dedicated assistant for direct communication and follow-up during normal business hours. Some companies offer 24/7 assistance as well.
  • An organized and structured managerial team that includes a project manager, service center manager, and supervisor for your dedicated assistant as well as a personalized backup assistant to ensure your service is consistent. You shouldn’t experience pauses or disruptions in your service. You should always be able to rely on a quick and effective turnaround of your projects and tasks.
  • A daily personalized summary sent to you with the ability for you to rate your service and provide feedback — depending on what you’d like to change, tweak, or continue. All of this should be received at a managerial level, cascaded down appropriately to your assistant, and rolled out with minimal effort or time from you.
  • A variety of optional software tools to enhance your current processes and make you more effective. The best companies will adapt to your system, and work with what you have in your current business arsenal.


So much goes into your decision to find the right amount of support and quality of service, but two thing are clear: your time and tasks should be top priority.

The best virtual assistant companies will amplify your professional life, provide you with a much needed work life balance, relieve your stress, and help you focus on what matters most in your business.

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#marketing Más contenido de valor y menos experiencias de marca o el ad blocking devorará a la industria

In Marketing on 27 abril, 2017 at 13:27

El marketing y la publicidad viven inmersos en una era en la que los cambios en los hábitos de los consumidores han modificado todas sus estrategias.

Con fenómenos como el ad blocking demuestran que quieren ser escuchados y que no están dispuestos a abrir la puerta de su atención a todo aquello que no esté relacionado con sus intereses y preocupaciones.

Un escenario en el que la publicidad nativa y el content marketing se erigen como los grandes aliados.

Uno de los temas sobre los que se ha debatido en el I-COM 2017 celebrado en Oporto de la mano de Ilana Westerman, directora de Create with Context.

“La publicidad nativa y el contenido patrocinado pueden plantar cara a los ad blockers”, ha manifestado. “La publicidad nativa únicamente puede ser efectiva si realmente es relevante y se dirige a las audiencias correctas”.

“Años de irrelevancia, anuncios intrusivos, irritación y constante bombardeo para fomentar las compras han dado a la industria publicitaria una mala reputación”.

Una situación que, en palabras de Westerman, ha hecho que no importe lo integrado o personalizado que sea nuestro contenido: “sigue siendo publicidad”.

“Motivo por el que necesitamos realizar un rebranding del concepto publicidad y dejar de hablar de técnicas para targetizar cuando nos referimos a los consumidores”.

La solución pasa por el concepto HYPE que ha definido como: Highly Integrated Personalized Experiences.

Una fórmula que se centra en la creación de contenido que aporte un valor y no de publicidad o experiencias de marca.

Este tiene que ser la experiencia si queremos ser relevantes, en un mundo en el que, por supuesto, la transparencia debe ser el timón de nuestras estrategias.

En el pasado trabajábamos sobre unos anuncios que interrumpían, no eran relevantes, eran invasivos y estaban muy descontextualizados.

Ahora nos encontramos en un momento en el que comienza a existir un creciente interés en la publicidad nativa como solución a los errores pasados.

Pero el futuro pasa por la aplicación del concepto HYPE.

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